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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Baltimore nostalgia

I have been to Baltimore at least once a year since I was a born. Now that I don't live anywhere in particular, I was feeling a little nostalgic. Danny and I drove around Fells Point and Charles Village, visiting my (and our) old haunts.
Danny and I had drinks in a bar in Fell's Point. We were sitting next to the cook, who had "Sine" tattooed on his hand. I was dying to see if he "Cosine" tattooed on the other hand, but I couldn't get a look.

Danny and I went out to look at all of my my old apartments around Johns Hopkins University. You can clearly see my old window in this excellent picture.

Charles Village is very different since my undergrad days. Although undergrads live in the apartment buildings and row houses around the university, the area did not have a lot of places to shop and hang out. (The Wawa has been replaced by a huge Barnes & Noble.) Danny and I went to an unremarkable bar near JHU where I had an (almost) undrinkable bloody Mary. This is Danny describing what it would be like to be a cotton ball millionaire.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Danny and his aspirations!