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Monday, June 1, 2009

Joseph is 6!

Today was Joseph's 6th birthday! Both kids were off from school, so I stayed home to hang out with them. Joseph had a wonderful morning opening and playing with many excellent presents including a pop-up Spiderman book from Grandma Dorinda and a very creepy robot hornet from Grammy and Grandpa Joe.

In the afternoon we had a party at Mess it Up. I was a little leery about this. In CA, we usually had home parties, so the pre-packaged party thing is kind of new to me. As you may recall, last year's party at the Children's Museum was a total fiasco/rip-off. (We were promised games, activities and decorations, but were instead confined to a bare room with no entertainment or decorations AT ALL for AN HOUR before we were allowed to go out into the museum.)

But Mess it Up did a really good job with Joseph's party. I think that the place is a recently decommissioned Make a Mess and the new owners really made an effort to help us out and keep the facility functioning. Because it was a Monday, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Joseph chose a dragon theme. Believe me, dragons are not popular this year, and it was extremely difficult to find decorations and party favors.

The kids had an awesome time. (Even Sam, who was rather jealous and touchy). In fact, there were no major meltdowns/potty accidents/injuries at all, which was impressive given that we had 11 kids there. And Joseph got quite a haul of birthday presents. It took him two days to play with everything. And when he went to bed, Joseph said that it was the best day of his life!

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