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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Away: Baltimore

We spent a week with my grandparents Saul and Martha in Baltimore. It was an exciting week: (1) there was a family party for Father's day which (2) was interrupted by my cousin Melissa going into labor.

Danny and Saul at the Father's day event.

Sam, Joseph, Ben and Jonah had a great time hanging out. The boys decided to have a piano recital and spent more time planning the advertising and cajoling adults to attend the show than actually practicing for it.

We brought the remainder of our stash of baby board books to Saul and Martha's house for Aron and the little grandkids. Sam and Joseph had a good time reviewing and explaining the various baby books to Grandma Martha.

Some of us went a little wild in the backyard woods. We also caught a few American Toads (named Sally and Patty) who came home with us as pets.

I have been desperately missing the ocean since we left CA. So we went to the beach at Rocky Shore on Middle River as a consolation prize (sigh).

You mihgt think from this picture that it was a lovely place. But it was not.

Grandma Martha and I went to the hospital to see Melissa, Kyle and baby Alexa.
Now whose house but Saul and Martha's would have a candy dish proffering Hershey's kisses, breath mints and Robitussin cough drops?

Our family curse (or at least one of them) is that women in our family lack sufficient eyebrows. But not Martha! After years of eyebrow pencil, Grandma has opted for a permanent solution. And they look perfect! (So now I am not the only one in the family with tattoos!)

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Anonymous said...

OMG Funny stuff. I'm sorry your beach was not a lovely place; I'm equally sorry that I live three blocks from it and never go there. A little 'tussin is good for the soul; that's all these folks are trying to say here. And those tattooed brows are indeed very lovely.

I enjoy your blogs.