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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fully equipped

I am still not entirely sure how we ended up in hockey. Joseph expressed interest in an ad at the rink last year and somehow we ended up here. Last session the kids were enrolled in Hockey 1 which taught basic skills. Surprisingly, both kids learned all of their skills and graduated to Hockey 2.

And now the equipment starts. Helmet with face mask, shin guards, elbow guards, gloves, girdles and sticks. The gear is both expensive and complicated to put on. We rented Joseph's stuff, but we had to buy Sam's. We also needed a tutorial from the equipment guy about the proper order to put all of it on, and we had to practice at home before we got to the rink.

Both kids were very excited to push the puck around and Sam got to have a little scrimmage. Afterwards Joseph was really wiped out. We usually go to the Bloomington Farmer's Market after hockey, but today Joseph was so tired that he wanted to go straight home.

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