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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slow start Sunday

Today is off to a slow start due to technical difficulties. I have discussed in previous posts my 5-year-old's remarkable ability to produce bowel movements of enormous size. Twice in the past 12 hours have I needed to use the restroom, only to find that the toilet was entirely obstructed. I would guess that my son optimistically flushes the toilet and slams the lid down. Any plumbing problems that he may have created are usually discovered by me, at the most inconvenient time possible. This morning, I had to sit with my legs crossed for 90 minutes while Danny snaked the toilet to clear the clog. We had planned to drive out to Starved Rock State Park to see a sled dog demonstration, but our technical difficulties put the kibosh on that.

So, I decided to get some work done. I wanted to make some lovely publication-quality graphs on Excel. However, I had not anticipated the incredibly retarded renovations to Excel that were made as part of Office 2008. It took me over an hour of puttering and web searches to create a graph that would normally take less than 8 minutes to produce. Thanks Microsoft! I can only imagine how horrible it will be when next I teach. The students could barely produce Excel graphs when the software was reasonably intuitive.

On the plus side, I finally bought new towels for the bathroom. I have been putting off buying towels for so long that our current ones are fraying into shreds. I have tried to buy towels at least three times in the past two years, but there are so many choices between features that may or may not be important that I get overwhelmed. When I came home with lovely new brown towels, Danny reminded me of this David Sedaris story which kind of brings things back around to the topic that started this post...

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