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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Christmas poo

Our trip has been made more difficult due to Joseph's recent digestive problems. He is known for his bowel movements of unusually large size (both length and girth), however, he has not had a bowel movement since we left Normal. We have started giving him oral laxatives, which have caused all sorts of messy side effects. As we are traveling with only 6 pairs of underwear per person, I have been continuously running the washing machine with the same few pairs of underwear (and lots of bleach).
Today we visited one of Danny's relatives (his brother's baby mama, also a distant cousin), and a miracle occurred: Joseph was visited by the Christmas poo. This event was not only a big deal for us--it also broke the toilet. Three wise men tried their luck at fixing the afflicted toilet but were unable to unblock it. A plumber will be called after the holiday.

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Anonymous said...

Girl, that is rank! but totally awesome. Are you taking photos of his productivity? Well, it would be interesting to watch how it progresses as you feed him Flatul-Oh!s