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Monday, December 24, 2007

"Christmas" on Staten Island

We are now on Staten Island, NY visiting Danny's family. The road trip was uneventful: 14 hours of good weather and smooth traffic driving followed by an hour of gridlock trying to get on the island. Because of some scheduling conflicts, we celebrated "Christmas" at Danny's parents' house on Sunday 12/23.

This year's tree was minimalist--no tree, only ornaments. I like it--it reminded me of a Festivus pole.

Frenzy of presents. Grammy made some good picks for the kids. A Darth Vader transformer for Sam--it transforms into the Death Star--and a blue Power Ranger with an eggbeater-like spinning blade for Joseph.
Sam and Joseph are totally geeking out over Battlebots, Star Trek and Star Wars these days. For Chanukah we gave them vintage Battlebots books and a DVD of the 1999 Battlebots World Championship. So, for Christmas, they got vintage Star Wars and Star Trek The Next Generation Books. I must say, it's really easy to shop for nerdy kids, especially since Danny and I were nerds as kids and know the literature.

Joseph and Victoria enjoy the yearly shipment of Playmobil. I admit it--I am addicted to Playmobil. I may even keep ordering Playmobil after the kids have outgrown it. This year: moles, foxes, badgers, vultures, a puppet show and a playground set.

Holiday stories. Another creepy Anne Geddes book with the unnaturally photogenic children. My theory is that the babies are actually taxidermy mounts.

Joseph sings Over the River.

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