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Monday, December 24, 2007

Hating the dogs

Danny's parents' dogs have figured large on this particular visit. First, there are 6 of them. Although they each weigh-in at less than 15 lbs, that is still a lot of dog. They are various small toy breeds, of varying degrees of inbreeding. Usually one or more of them is boarded when we visit, but due to a scheduling glitch, the pack was present in full force.
These little buggers are not at all trained, and can be unpleasant room-mates for various reasons that I will not discuss here. Danny and I sleep downstairs near where the dogs are. Our first night here, they escaped into the house at 4am, and again at 5 am, and it took Danny until morning to rassle them back into their designated area. Last night, one of them started barking at 3 am, and continued to park every 10 minutes for the remainder of the night. Both of us are exhausted. Given that we had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to make this road trip, we have had less than 5 hours of sleep a night for three days running, and we are no longer cheerful. I hope that tonight will be better.

The offending curs

Joe walking said beasts

"Mommy, what are the dogs doing?"

I miss Argos. He is staying in the "Las Vegas Suite" at the doggy spa in Normal. He was rather freaked out when we left him behind, and we have called the kennel at least 6 times to find out if he settled in, but no one either answers the phone or calls us back. Clearly, we could not bring Argos to NY, due to the other dogs. We also could not leave Argos at either of the other two kennels in the Bloomington-Normal area: the owner of the one kennel was just arrested for throwing poisoned meat into the yard of the competing kennel and sickening two dogs. (So one kennel is run by a psychopath with no empathy for animals, and the other kennel has a poisoning problem).

Poor Argos. I hope that he is doing this at the kennel:

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