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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Clip it good

I am very proud of myself! I cut the boys' hair myself--and it looks perfect! I have been watching haircutters doing clipper cuts on the boys for years. I initially assumed there was some kind of trick to it, maybe professional quality clippers or some kind of beauty school training. However, after watching closely, I never saw much technique going on. So, I paid $20 for the clippers, and after cutting the boys' hair 1x each, they have paid for themselves.

There was an article in the NYTimes the other day scolding people for baking their own cupcakes and doing their own nails because they were robbing good bakers and aestheticians of their livelihoods. However, I have always baked my own cupcakes, washed my own car, and mostly painted my own toenails. So this is actually the first thing that I have done to adversely affect the economic growth of the country. However, I defend my actions by pointing out that even after two years, we have never really found a place around here to get the boys' haircut that successfully balanced skill and price. (So, hardworking barbers of Normal, if you want my business, stop giving my kids bad haircuts with random wisps of uncut hair, and put those naked lady magazines out of sight!)

Sam after the haircut. No, he's not bald on top--its just the picture. He looks exactly like he does after the barber does a good job. For both boys I used a longer clip on top, so they won't look like beanheads.

Joseph! He is never delighted to get his hair cut, and he sassed me more than he would the barber. Next time, I will provide a handsome bribe for compliance.
Joseph is rather vain about his hair. He feels that his hair looks good when he slicks it forward with his sticky little hands. I keep trying to get him to brush it to the side, but Joseph has some very strong opinions.

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