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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Anothra Mothra's day

Does anyone care what we did for Mother's day? If no, stop reading now.
Today I rode my craptastic/vintage bike to work for the first time--I think that I looked like Kermit the Frog in The Muppet Movie. Anyhoo, after a delightful morning watching crickets mate (and not mate), the guys picked me up for some delicious St. Louis-style ribs at Famous Dave's. We had a lovely meal which ended up being freakishly cheap. The guys gave me some lovely presents, including a hand-made paver (Joseph tells me that it represents an ant feeding a honeydew aphid), Ephemere beer, organic Rubens chocolates and books of Kenken puzzles. (I think that this pretty much covers all of my vices, no?)

We then took a road trip to the mall in Champaign for some shopping. (Oddly enough, I gave the kids the choice between skating and the mall, and they chose the mall.) It would appear that the economy has hit the mall hard because there was no longer a book store--the kids were pretty bummed out. Also, my main destination Ann Taylor Loft has apparently up-sized their clothes. I am exactly the same size as I was last year, but now I can no longer wear a size 2 and there were very few clothes available in size 0. (Seriously, I am NOT a size 0!) Aaarrrghhh!

I finished the day by taking Argos to the dog park where he HURT HIS LEG. You may recall that last year Argos messed up his leg at the dog park and was limping for months. We were all scheduled to take him to the vet school for imaging when it miraculously healed.
UPDATE 5/11: I took Argos to the vet and he is now on anti-inflammatories and reduced exercise. As an unexpected twist, I found out that Argos somehow recently gained 8-lbs of fat. This is totally unacceptable to me because I have a rule that Argos is absolutely not allowed to weigh more than me. So the dog is on a diet.

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Anonymous said...

Is Argos pregnant? I mean... anything is possible, right?

Happy Mothra's Day!