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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What the heck is it with this time of year? After months of nothing much going on, suddenly everything happens NOW. So this weekend we moved to a new house. It was hellacious, but thanks to Jeff and family, we were able to get all of our stuff crammed into our new place (tiny--and no basement or garage) by Sunday night.

Monday Joseph had homework due, Sam needed a plain white T-shirt for tie-dying, and there was a parent's meeting (didn't go!). Tuesday Sam had a (surprise!) concert. Wednesday was Pajama Day for Joseph (where the heck did we put his favorite pajamas?). Thursday is the last possible day to mail (belated?) Mother's Day cards. Friday is the deadline for summer camp/swimming lesson registration. And we have been invited to multiple end-of-year parties/drinks/events that we have been too crazed to attend.

And all week Danny and I have been trying to simultaneously unpack the new house and clean out the old one. Our old landlord has a reputation for spurious deposit-witholding, so Danny and I did a professional quality clean-out on the old place. (Yes, Danny and I are professionals. Remember?--we used to own a green house-cleaning company?) Meanwhile I have been doing cricket mating trials every other day and have been trying to help a grad student prep for her defense.

We are adjusting to the new place. It is really nice living in a quiet neighborhood without ISU students yodelling obscenities and pillaging all night. The walk to work is not that much longer. Danny has been walking Sam to the old bus stop every morning and the dog and I have found a new running route. Argos had some mishaps with the new electric fence but eventually decided that the new yard is an OK place to go to the bathroom.

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