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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Since moving

This is a list of things that have happened since we moved a week and a half ago:
  1. We spent 12 hours giving the old house a professional clean out.
  2. Our old landlord told Danny that "the house could be cleaner" and announced that he would be withholding our deposit because there was a small stain inside one of the kitchen drawers and some vandals dented the garage door.
  3. I drove by several hours later and it appeared that our landlord was having a massive party at the old house.
  4. We unpacked completely. After all of our hard work downsizing, we were able to fit everything into the new place.
  5. We found that the new house has some weird batchelor-type features: the washing machine is not hooked up to the hot water, someone installed vinyl siding over the window in the storage room and there is no outdoor water spigot. Our new landlord has a plumber-friend coming over to install the hot water and spigot.
  6. I decided that the new place is not bad at all--the neighborhood is very quiet and green with no students, the house looks pretty good with all of our stuff in it, we have nice neighbors, the dog loves lying out on the front porch, and the walk to school is not too bad.
  7. Sam was very upset because he got lost on the way home from the bus stop. (Hard to imagine--he gets dropped off 4 blocks from our house on the same street.)
  8. Penny the turtle got to visit Sam's class. Apparently she had a helluva time: she enjoyed some fruit, tried to escape and had a fight with the classroom turtle. (It makes me think of Bart Simpson's elephant Stampy because "Some animals are just jerks!")
  9. Joseph rode his bike to school. He was extremely pleased.
  10. I bought blackout curtains for our bedroom. The house is already really well sound-insulated and between the curtains and the lack of drunken student yodeling at night, I sleep much more soundly. I think that also my complexion has completely cleared up. (Alternatively, the fact that I don't have a decently-lit mirror anymore prevents me from knowing if I have any pimples.)
  11. We are having thunderstorms and torrential rain now. The new house appears to be completely water-tight (even the porch!) and we can park the cars a yard from the front door. I hope that the old landlord is enjoying his leaky basement and the long walk down the flooded mudslick of a driveway that he never got around to re-gravelling.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on moving and settling in!

Your comments about your old landlord incense me. I would like to give him a little what-for! Seriously. Bastard.

Yay on the new home! May there be peace and love and laughter in this cozy new home.