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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Passover and orthodontia

Today I took off of work early to get ready for Passover. I think that this is the first time that I have attempted to do the Passover seder mid-week. We usually push it off to the weekend, but as we are having company this weekend, we did it on the actual day.
Sam did a great job setting up the Passover plate.

Everyone got all dressed up. If you look closely, you can see that Sam got his expander put in this morning. He is having trouble speaking clearly and eating, but he will get used to it.

The kids' favorite part of the Passover seder is always the plagues. And thanks to Grammy and Grandpa Joe, we now have plague finger puppets to help reenact the whole thing. (My favorite is lice!)

The kids and I made matzo ball soup, which the kids loved. Somehow, no matter how small I make the dough balls, they are always enormous after cooking.
I made gefilte fish again. This year, the butcher claimed that he no longer filleted fish (OK, if you don't fillet fish, how can you call yourself a butcher?) so I had to make a whole whitefish with eyeballs and fins into something edible. It was very educational.
Surprisingly, Sam really liked the gefilte fish, as well as the haroset this year. Joseph tried everything, but mainly ate matzo balls, matzo, eggs and chicken.


I made haroset cake for dessert (with soy ice cream). It was very good, although a bit crumbly.

Joseph and I made sorbet bombas for the kids to eat for dessert.

The race for the afikomen.

This is a video of Jospeh and the four questions, with help from Sam. Joseph was extremely proud of himself afterwards. The video starts out sideways, and then I remember to turn the camera. Sam is a little hard to understand because he is not used to his new upper jaw expander.


Anonymous said...

call me crazy. i love matzoh meal. but i could do without the gefilte.

Anonymous said...

also.... would you post a close up of those plague finger puppets? that is GENIUS! and even though i'm not jewish... I WANT THEM! because i'm a biologist. and i love plagues.

Grandma Dorinda said...

I'm kvelling!!!! Wonderful! Wonderful! I'm so proud of ALL of my children, big and small. Lots of love, Grandma Dorinda

Susan said...

Hi Kim,
here's a couple of links to pictures of the plague finger puppets:

However, I must point out that Catherine had these first and I coveted them terribly!