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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

loooong weekend

I could swear that this weekend was about two weeks long. To begin with, we move next Friday. Enough said about that.

The Gamma Phi Circus was giving their annual performances this weekend. We went Friday night and I have to say that it was MUCH better than last year. There were several new comedy and clown bits that I had actually never seen before. And more importantly, the whole show was pared down so that it did not run on and on indefinitely as it did last year. We also had much better seats closer to the ring. Also, clowns dressed as flies came and sat next to Sam and Joseph as part of a skit.

Saturday we had the WORST YARD SALE EVER. Weather predictions for the flyover region tend to be eerily accurate, reporting the timing of most weather events to within the hour and the weather for Saturday was supposed to be completely clear and warm. However, as soon as we hauled all of the crap onto the lawn, the sky opened up and a torrential rain started. We hauled everything back inside and waited. The weather eventually cleared, but we missed the crucial 8-10 am slot when all of the serious yard-salers make their rounds. We moved all of the stuff to the garage and sold a few things Saturday. We decided to extend the yard sale to Sunday, and sold quite a bit of stuff. However, as we had already sold most of our valuable discards on ebay and Craigslist, we only made @ $125.

Saturday morning, the kids had hockey lessons, which they seemed to enjoy. Last week the kids were accidentally put in Learn to Skate/Figure Skate classes, so this was actually their first week of hockey. I guess that I had never seen a kids' hockey class before because I was rather surprised. There seems to be a bimodal distribution of ages/skill levels. On the one end were these tiny little 4-year-old bruisers with full equipment and serious skills and at the other end a bunch of boys around Sam's age who were rather unsteady and had had no hockey experience. My guess is that serious hockey people start their boys young and everyone else waits until their kids are @ 8-10. Joseph, as an anomaly to this distribution was in a class with two teachers for three little kids.

Saturday night we had people over for one last potluck party in our old house (or maybe ever--the new place is rather claustrophobic, so I don't know how much entertaining we can expect to do there). Everyone appeared to have a good time, and there was some great food. Sam and his friend Katana had fun making concoctions in the kitchen and looking for bugs.
In addition to all of this, I had to work both Saturday afternoon (with Joseph as my helper) and Sunday morning. Not at all a restful weekend.

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