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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend Danny's parents Joe and Marie came to visit us. Everyone had a lovely time. Joe and Marie stayed at a the Davis Rose Inn B&B near the historic David Davis Mansion. It was very quaint and charming with excellent food (Candlestick phone and mouldering top hat included at no extra cost).

The kids dyed easter eggs. I bought these easter egg dyeing kits on sale for 27 cents, and they were awesome--one was a tie-dye kit that, much to my surprise, actually made they eggs look tie-dyed!

Joseph decided that all of the hologram stickers would look better on his shirt than on the eggs.

Sam just finished reading The BFG by Roald Dahl, and wanted to create his own Revolting Recipe for nightmares and good dreams. Luckily, I had both unflavored gelatin and jello-egg molds (the molds which inadvertantly caused The Vodka-Jello Egg Incident many years ago) and we were able to create these monstrosities.

The weather was very nice for the family easter egg hunt.

Dividing up the loot.

Other trip highlights include many delicious meals, including pub food at Maggie Miley's and the bloody mary bar at the Medici easter brunch. Joe and Marie came to see Sam and Danny at TaeKwonDo, and also had a tour of the David Davis Mansion. But mostly we just hung out around the house.

Here are the good byes:

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