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Saturday, March 21, 2009


This was a week of big happenings. First, Danny got a raise. So here were are toasting him with champagne, apple cider, fine cheeses and sausages.

I noticed Sam's shoes (as usual) under my bed, and on a whim, I tried them on. AND THEY FIT. I think that that has to be a milestone of some sort. Here I am wearing Sam's shoes and his Ironman shirt. I am trying to get Sam to pose with his size 0-3 months onesie from when he was born, but he was having none of it.
Also, this week Joseph started calling us "Mom" and "Dad" rather than "Mommy" and "Daddy," although I have no idea why.

Sam was Einstein in his school Play/Parade of Great Americans. He was very specific about how he wanted to look, but luckily the party store actually sells Einstein wigs and mustaches for kids! (The rest if the outfit is courtesy of TJMaxx).

Sam doing his Einstein presentation.

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Beth said...

Yay for Danny's raise! And Sam looks awesome as Einstein - I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't the real thing!