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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Surprise vacation Part deux

Other highlights from our trip to Cleveland:
We went up the street to Lee Rd. to see my old high school and check out the newest converging waves of revitalization/gentrification and decay. I actually visited Revive, the fair trade store that I mocked the last time that I visited, and it was awesome! (Actually more awesome than the Goodwill where I used to buy my clothes.) I bought some jewelry and the kids had a great time looking at stuff and pretending the changing room was a airplane cockpit.
We went to the Phoenix for coffee/hot chocolate and were underwhelmed.

Highlights also include a trip to the library and a problem with the water heater. Joseph's tub unexpectedly filled with rusty water, which reminded the kids of one of the illustrations in their library book "Two Bad Ants."

On Saturday we went to see Michelle and Rich's lovely new house in Solon/Twinsburg. Oddly enough, the kids spent hours playing with those 20 sticky rubber cockroaches. The hallway was painted with gloss paint that didn't get marked by the roaches, so the kids had a great time hurling, dropping and catching the little buggers.

I also discovered that my Mom prints out my web posts of Situation Normal and stores them in a binder. (Aaaarrrggh...) Danny warned me that if I post this picture, the universe as we know it will be sucked in on itself and implode. (So of course I had to do it to see what would happen.)

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Beth said...

That's hilarious about the blog printing! But the joke will all be on us when the internet goes out of business and your mom has the only copies of Situation Normal and sells them for millions of dollars.