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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kim day

I think I had a Kim day today. Poor Kim--you are always out there trying to do good, but the world keeps knocking you off your bike/pushing you into ditches/beating up your cat. Perhaps the karmic wires have gotten crossed?

I was running Argos at @ 9 pm. When I was at exactly the most remote stretch of my run, a giant Rottweiler ran across the street to us. She was kind of a pushy dog who alternated between trying to play with and menace Argos. It was pitch black outside, so I think both Argos and I were having trouble figuring out whether or not she was aggressive. I hauled the Rottweiler and Argos across the street and knocked on the front door of the nearest house. The only gay couple in Normal, as far as I can tell, answered the door. They clearly knew and hated the dog "Queeny", which belonged to their neighbor. I knocked on the presumptive dog owners' door a million times, but to no avail. The guys clearly did not want to hold on to Queeny, who was a frequent escapee, and there was no way that I could haul both dogs the mile back to the house. All that I could work out was to have them hold onto Queeny for long enough that Argos and I could escape.

And apparently, the whole event made an impression on Argos, because as soon as we ran around the corner, Argos exploded in diarrhea. I tried to clean it up, but it was an enormous mess. I had to drive back with extra bags and a flashlight, but it was still really gross. I actually know the people who's treelawn Argos defiled, so I felt guilty and left a note of apology taped to their front door.

So what do I get for trying to rescue a dog? A giant pile of diarrhea! And what do I get for taking responsibility for my dog's indiscretion? I don't know--I left my phone number on the apology note, but I hope the homeowner doesn't call!


Beth said...

How awful! Good thing Kim only has cats :) We love you Kimmy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Susan. I'm sorry to hear of your backfires... in more than one sense. I've been having some nice luck lately, so maybe we switched lives temporarily.

Hugs. Kim