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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hey, I'm famous

I have not had a professional web page for several years. However, now that I have my thesis publications coming out, I need a place to disseminate my PDFs and CV. After much hassle, I managed to get an official ISU page so that my name would be prioritized in a Google search.
And I win!! If you Google my full name, I am the first search result! I have beaten out both the cancer researcher with a million publications and the professional shopper who share my name.

Update Friday night: Google blocked my webpage!!! Now it does not appear at all using a Google search, although it is still first using Yahoo and other search engines.

Update Sunday night: Now my page is #1 again with Google. I can only hope that if someone important tries to Google me, they'll do it on one of the days that I exist!


Jessica and Adam said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Susan said...

Hi Jessica and Adam,

Sorry--I had to delete your comment because I am trying to keep last names out of web-searchable fields.
Since yesterday, Google yanked my page!!! My page does not appear AT ALL using Google searches, but it appears first or second using all other search engines.
Danny suspects that ISU was using techniques to bump up web page search priority that Google disapproves of, and Google intentionally removed it.

Jessica and Adam said...

No worries! I will try another search engine. Sorry about the name!!!!!