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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Whale killer overshare

Last night I had a dream that I killed a whale. I was pushing one of the gray lab carts with a miniature toothed whale on it. We were kind of chatting as we went along, and I carelessly ran the cart into the edge of something. The whale went flying off and hit the ground with a moist thud. Its head was caved in and there was a big slab of blubber lying on the ground next to it. I tried to jam the blubber back into the whale's head, but the whale was clearly dead.
I have no insight into the meaning of this dream, other than that in reality I push around one of those gray lab carts and frequently run into things.


Beth said...

The whale clearly represents semen according to my copy of Freud's "Interpretation of Dreams." I hope that helps.

Susan said...

That sounds like Freud. Freud's world looks like a cheap hotel room under a blacklight.
Whales are like 99% blubber and 1% (or 0%) sperm, maybe the whale represents all the weight that I lost.