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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday night

So what is it that one is supposed to do on Saturday night? I recall that when I was a kid, Saturday nights were GREAT because I would get to watch the Love Boat, Fantasy Island and maybe even Hee Haw. (I hear that Daisy Mae left you for a cowboy--bitter? Yeah, and I bit him, too.) However, I always suspected that somewhere out there, some extra cool kids were doing some kind of unknown cool activity that was way more fun.
As a grown-up, I guess that I could do whatever I want, yet I still have no idea what people are supposed to do on Saturday nights.

Before we had kids, Danny and I would go dancing, dinner, parties, etc. However, with kids, going out at all costs at least $40 for the babysitter, on top of whatever else we do. Consequently, we don't go out much. I am sitting here alone (Danny is elsewhere in the house doing the taxes) watching The Return of the Jedi on basic cable. It occurs to me that this is exactly what I was doing on Saturday nights when I was 8. I can hear that the kids are totally whooping it up in their room, despite the fact that it is after 10:00 and they are supposed to be sleeping. So they are actually having a better time than me. Sigh.

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