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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Earth Day lunchbag

Sam brings his lunch to school. The school lunch program is not awful, but I would rather give him less processed food with fresh fruit, etc. I think that he is one of the few kids who brings a lunch. It is unclear whether brown bagging it is a cool or geeky thing to do: I have heard kids ask him why he brings his lunch, but also heard of kids drooling over his fresh strawberries and baked chicken drumsticks.
Last week was Earth Day, and his teacher mentioned to him that throwing away his lunchbag every day was bad for the environment, so he asked if he could have a lunchbox. Sam has mentioned numerous times that he hates to have to carry anything extra to school, so it would have to be a soft-sided lunchbox that could fit in his backpack. As it happens all of our lunchboxes have been RECALLED due to LEAD contamination (Thanks California Healthy Choices program!) So I made him one out of a pair of Danny's old jeans. Recycle that!

Healthy Choices, my ass!

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Beth said...

That lunch "box" is so awesome! You should patent that.