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Friday, July 3, 2009

Away: Manhattan

The main event in New York was Karen and Mike's wedding. Although it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to make the trip from Staten Island to Manhattan, we all got there ahead of schedule.

The ceremony and reception were at the historic St. Bart's Cathedral which was lovely. The kids had never been to a mass before, but they seemed rather nonplussed by it.

After the wedding: Mike (Danny's brother) and Marie (Danny's mom)

Alyn (Danny's aunt), Joe (Danny's dad) and Marie


Corey (Victoria's half-sister), Victoria (Mike's daughter) and Callahan (Mike's son)

Cameron (Mike's son) and Corey

Although there was a sudden torrential downpour during the outdoor pre-reception drinks, the reception was in a beautiful hall with excellent food.

Sam, in one of the rare moments that he wasn't reading his book.

Joseph took this photo of Mike and Karen. Joseph really had a good time taking photos--he must have taken 200 pictures, mainly of people's feet dancing. I will try to post some of them on Joseph's blog soon.

The photographer himself.

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