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Monday, July 6, 2009

Away: Away

While we were in Cleveland, Danny and I saw "Away We Go." If you missed the trailers for this film, the premise is that a 30-something couple who are reasonably responsible people with good jobs but no permanent home go looking for a place to raise a family. Early in the movie, the woman turns to the man and asks "Are we f%ck-ups? We live in a house with cardboard windows. I think that we are f%ck-ups."

That is totally how I feel. After having recently visited so many places where I one lived I have to wonder: Danny and I have decent jobs and we could choose to live anywhere--why do we live in a house with no garage or basement that has no hose attachment so that we have to carry buckets of water outside to water the lawn? Where is it that we are supposed to live anyway? We have enough money to live somewhere decent, but where?

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Beth said...

I think I need to see this movie.