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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Away: Cleveland

On the way back from New York we stopped in Cleveland to see Dorinda. It was a short but action-packed visit. Argos and I did a lot of running (and getting lost) amidst the mansions of Shaker Heights. We ate some of Dorinda's delicious (no, really!) home cooking. Danny and I went to a $5 movie at the Cedar-Lee Theatre where we got to drink Great Lakes Elliot Ness beer and eat $1 Lindt bars!

We all went to the Cleveland Museum of Art which is undergoing a major multi-year renovation. Every time we go it just gets better and better! Last year, only the oldest exhibits were open. Now they have restored a lot of the modern art. The kids (esp. Joseph) were a little squirrely, but they had a good time.

We went out to dinner with Michelle and Rich at Lopez on Lee Rd..

It looks like Michelle's birthday garden gnome was enjoyed by many.

We went to UDF for ice cream after dinner. Oddly enough, it was the only place anywhere nearby that sold ice cream. (WTF CH-UH?) We drove around to visit places of nostalgia while everyone was eating.

Afterwards, torrential rain and a rainbow!

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Anonymous said...

a summer's eve in the midwest is never complete without a brief but much relieving torrential downpour! ahhh, enjoy the worm crop for me!