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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sam's bad day

Sam had a day of bad surprises yesterday.
A few days ago, Sam was really excited that we actually had snowman weather--usually it's too cold around here to make snowmen because snow tends to be powdery. Last week Sam made an awesome mutant snow goon with three arms, three eyes, horns and fangs. He was very proud of it. As I sat at my desk facing the front window, I saw several people walking by smile at the weirdness of this snowman. And yesterday some a-hole kicked it down.

Especially irritating is that we are the only people on the block who shovel the sidewalk so that the little special snowflakes can walk safely to school (and home from the bars). So whoever knocked over the snowman was walking along the path that we shoveled when they decided to cross our lawn to assert their a-holery.

Also, because our landlord has decided to sell our house, we have been looking for a new place to live. We have mentioned this a few times to Sam, but apparently he has not been paying attention. Joseph has helped me look at a few potential rentals and has been much more engaged in the house-hunting process. So, I think that Joseph mentioned moving to his teacher. And when Sam and Danny came to pick up Joseph from school yesterday, Joseph's teacher asked Sam if he was excited about moving. Sam did not take this well, and cried when he got home. He seems better about it now: I think that Sam was just taken by surprise.


Beth said...

Poor Sam. Living close enough to walk to work is excellent, but having to live near a-hole students at a big university is terrible. We are dealing with some misplaced little rugrats at present ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, poor Sam. Give him extra hugs from Beth and me.