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Monday, November 10, 2008

Trees and arrows

I used to be more outdoorsy, but being married to an indoorsy New Yorker for 15 years has taken its toll. I generally don't get to get out anywhere unless it is near and I can go alone (with the dog). When I do get the crew outside, I have the uncomfortable feeling that everyone is waiting for me to produce something entertaining out of the bushes and protect them from any and all natural dangers.

I want the kids to have some appreciation for nature. Usually I try to get the kids to appreciate the suburban/rural nature that is near us. Both kids have a good knowldege of the taxonomy of insects and other invertebrates.

But, periodically, I do drag everyone outside and I thought that I'd give the Moraine View State Park a try. It was the closest state park--40 minutes away. But it was a lame state park. Miles of trails, but all were inexplicably closed to hiking except for the 0.5 mile archery trail. The kids and Argos had a good time, though.


Beth said...

Rock Cut State Park is actually pretty cool, maybe 2 hours from you

Maybe we could meet you there sometime!

Anonymous said...

I LIKE YOUER PIKESHRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should frame the one with you and the boys hand-in-hand!

Good for you for keeping the family real. I mean, what are we humans except part of the ecosystem we work so hard to forget!!